Farm History

For almost one hundred years Swallow Rock Reach, on the banks of the HawkesburyRiver has been the home of the Stones family. With four generations still lliving on the property. The farm began in the 1930s and grew award winning citrus for most of the twentieth century.

After enduring the devastating floods in the 1960s and 1970s followed by the crash in the citrus markets in the late 1980s, the aging orchard finally gave way to grazing cattle.

In 2003, third generation Sue and husband Matt Simmons started Swallow Rock Organics. BFA Certified vegetables in particular potatoes and Kale where grown for the wholesale markets in Sydney.

Free range pigs were introduced into the system in 2008 when help was needed to remove left over potatoes from the paddocks. Pigs very quickly became an integral part of the farming rotation with their potential recognised for clean up the paddocks and remove pests and weeds. Now the manure the pigs leave behind helps grow the next crop, completing the cycle in the relationship between animal and plant.

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